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Tips for using our website
Shopping List:
- When browsing our website, always log in under your name and anything placed in the shopping cart will be retained until you decide to either order or remove them. It is always disappointing to spend your time gathering pieces in the shopping cart only to lose the connection or become too busy to continue, and so the contents of your cart are not retained.

- If you subscribe to our news letter, this will ensure you are notified by email of all updates of new products added to our catalogue and also notice of all special offers which occur from time to time.

Searching for an Item:
- If you are searching for a particular item, either by code or maybe a description (eg. dog) simply type in the code if you know it, in the "Quick Search" box on the upper right hand side of the page. If you were typing in a word, it sometimes helps if you try both the singular (eg. dog) and the plural (eg. dogs)

- You are also able to use our "Advanced Search" feature, located at the bottom of the website. This will enable you to search within specific categories, and even specify a dollar amount range for the piece you are looking for.

- If you are a customer who resides outside Australia, please note that all payments are required in Australian Dollars (AUD)

- If you wish to place an order, please ensure after the payment is made, that you have actually "confirmed" the order, by clicking on the the "confirm" button on the last page of checkout.

- Once you have placed an order, please make payment within 7 days otherwise items will be returned to stock

Minimum Order
- All items have a minimum quantity that needs to be purchased, however any number over the minimum can be ordered, it doesn’t need to be in multiples of the minimum.

- Note that all items have their measurements and the weight listed with each piece.